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Les Copains

For the last 50 years, Les Copains has been a synonym of style, modernity and elegance in the ready-to-wear fashion field. Starting from an Italian town, it has spread its name and fame all over the world, from Europe, to USA, South America and even Asia.

Though its name may mislead us, the founder of the fashion house is an Italian stylist, Mario Bandiera, who after a carreer in the knitwear fiels, in the late 50’s set up a new trademark in Bologna. For the name he was inspired by a famous french radio program, “Salut les copains”. We can easily notice how powerful was (and still is) the french influence in the world of fashion design.

The use of new technology to manufacture their products, the stylistic innovation, as well as the creation of new collections dedicated to young people have led Les Copains to the point of being a constantly evolving brand, though being faithful to its traditions. The trend established by the italian fashion house tends to reflect the consumer’s characteristics. The men and women who wear Les Copains are sophisticated, refined, sober but elegant.

Through the years the brand has collaborated with a lot of famous fashion designer, from Dolce e Gabbana, to Versace. During the last period, the collaboration with two emerging talents has given Les Copains a renewed image. Apart from the architect-stylist Albino D’Amato, another name seen on the runway has been that of Giambattista Valli. Les Copains has been giving a big opportunity to the young Roman designer, who can already boast about different cooperations with the most important stylists in the world.

There are many reasons why you should make the brand Les Copains your fashion friend, one is their ability to create relaxed, easy to wear clothing that will take you to the office and the town effortlessly.