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         FANER’s Quality Assurance Duty
        1. Introduction:
        Guangzhou Faner Aroma Product Co., Ltd is a Taiwanese company with over 20 years of experience in this industry providing products to customers and consumers with the term “Service” as its foundation. Without quality there is no future. We feel that customer satisfaction implies good quality. We aim to NOT ACCEPT FLAWS, NOT PRODUCE DEFECTS, and NOT DISTRIBUTE DEFECTS. We train our employees with strict manufacture regulations and superb quality notion. Quality does not result from inspection; quality is produced, designed, and results from good management.
        Improvement in quality is achieved by applying effective management under the following acronym P.D.C.A which stands for Plan, Do, Check, and Action. Taking action is what we emphasize on.
        Quality enhancement, waste reduction, and boosting competitiveness are among the many yielding aspects that leads to the continuous operation of our company.
        It cannot be done by one single person, if not, it requires a strong team. Spreading the same quality notion in group will help create a harmonious and unified working environment guiding all employees to work under the established quality assessment rules.
        At the same time, tightening the control over production process leads to automatic guidance sought through standardized administration, workmanship, and technical skills to ensure that all products produced matches all requirements and standards. 
        Quality management of a company is very important. A quality manager must be attentive and ambitious, striving for the best. A company must have a specific management team dedicated to quality inspection. This is a way to ensure a stable and firm growth of said company.
        2.   Quality policy:
        Continuous improvement, innovation, customers foremost, and quality first.
        3.   Objectives:
        3.1    Acceptance rate for incoming material:98%  
        3.2    Acceptance rate for final product:98%
        3.3    Customer satisfaction:≥ 95 points
        3.4    Punctuality rate for purchase order delivery:99%
        3.5    Punctuality rate for customer order delivery:99%
        3.6    Defective rate PPM:< 500 PPM

        3.7    OQC Rate: >99%

        3.8   Training Rate: 100%

        3.9   Customer Complaint: < 3PCS/Month

        3.10 Turnover Rate: < 5%

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